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May 03, 2008


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I hope in some way this post gets to Donna personally.Dear Donna,for 10 years of my young years I was married to another Dennis.There is no way to describe the horror of living with him every day.Never knowing if it's your last.I bought a gun.I had made the decision.No one would help me.I had a 2 year old son.I knew it was a matter of time until he killed me.At some point I got away from him but,the damage never left my life.My windows are fully covered at all time sand the only place I feel safe is in a closet in the dark.I never sleep with my bedroom door open because I needed to "hear" him if he came in.I wanted to be awake when he killed.He beat me,he raped me,he humiliated me and he got away with it.I'm so very sorry for what you went through and unless you HAVE gone through it.You can't really truly understand the horror.The monster died in 2007.in my heart and mind he will never die.I don't "feed" on the nightmares.I don't have to..they never go away.Ten years ago,I married an angel.We don't have a dime.I don't care.I'm not afraid of him.but I don't leave my house.I don't "put" myself in danger.I don't trust anyone and I await god taking me to my other home passionately.God Bless you.June

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Sarah Crawford

It`s great to see this, because I had a husband which was abbusive and was thinking very seriously to do harm to him. Managed to get away after 15 years, God knows I`ve prayed for the sake of me and my children. He listened to my prayers and helped me escape the terror. Best regards, Sarah.


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Just wanted to comment on the "Lifetime facts" that you asterisked in the above article. First, there is actually some controversy about the prison term statistics you cited and the ones quoted at the end of the film. The ones you cited account only for prison sentences in 75 urban areas. The ones referenced at the end of the film were not limited to large urban centers, and came from the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women -- not necessarily an unbiased source, but at least the numbers weren't pulled out of thin air.

Secondly, you doubted that a woman could be pulled out of a shelter by her husband, and that no one would come to her defense. You should read the story of Judy Norman, from North Carolina, who killed her husband JT. This woman had been abused for 20 years, and had tried to run away several times but was always caught. The day she murdered her husband, Judy first went to the state welfare office to ask about benefits (for another escape attempt). JT tracked her down, physically dragged her out of the office, and no one lifted a finger to help her out. During the same 48 hour period, a neighbor had called the police to their house, but police failed to arrest JT; and Judy had told hospital personnel about her escalating abuse.

I'm not saying that The Donna Yaklich Story has the facts straight; but similar things have happened to other women. Sometimes the truth is every bit as pathetic as a Lifetime movie.

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